Choosing the Right Drug Rehab Program

Choosing the Right Drug Rehab Treatment ProgramBefore choosing the right drug rehab program, first you need to access your life and make the determination of if you have a problem and exactly what your addiction problem is. By taking this first step you can ask yourself some very important questions about your use of  drugs or alcohol. Search the internet websites  that have lots of information about the different kinds of addiction and also speak with a physician or call one of the drug rehab site professionals.  They can help you with lots of your questions. Be honest in your own assessment and don’t go into denial of some parts of your addiction.

Some questions to ask before you begin a drug rehab program:

  • Is your condition severe?
  • Do you have any special needs?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?

Finding the best rehab program isn’t a difficult task, but it takes research and time before committing to the right one.

What to Look For in a Drug Rehab Program:

  • Do they accept insurance?
  • Is the center run by accredited state licensed and trained professionals?
  • Is the facility appearance clean and organized ?
  • Does the program offer your individual needs?
  • Does the program offer physical needs for the disabled, sexual orientation, and age and gender appropriate  services?
  • Is aftercare support and guidance encouraged and provided after you leave?
  • Is ongoing assessment done on treatment plans to make sure they meet the changing needs?
  • Is medication offered in the program if it is felt to be appropriate?
  • Is there monitoring of  relapse?
  • Are services offered to family to help them in the support of the recovering individual?
  • What exact programs are offered in their facility?
  • Is detox available to cleanse the body of the drugs or alcohol?

Studies show that drug rehab is effective under virtually all conditions. Choosing the right drug rehab program will ensure a healthy, successful recovery from drug addiction.

Calming the Fears of Drug Rehab

Fears play a major role in the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse.

The major reason that individuals avoid rehab programs is because of what they think will happen at the rehab center.   Although rehab for addiction is not easy,  it is not as bad as people think it will be. Addiction tells your mind that rehab is not for you and makes you see the horror of rehab because your addiction does not want you to stop.The Fears of Drug Rehab

Much of the fear in our lives is based on false evidence, so it is important to understand that there have been many improvements in the area of drug rehabilitation. Drug addiction rehabs are now geared toward being nurturing and understanding. They understand how addiction works and what happens when someone tries to break the addiction.

Make One of the Best Choices in Your Life

Enrolling in drug rehabilitation is one of the best choices you will ever make, but fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. These fears might be about the physical aspect of withdrawal symptoms during detox or larger concerns about what will be involved in changing your life.

Calming the fears of drug rehab can be accomplished by taking a few steps toward gaining a better understanding of where the fears are coming from.

Steps to Take
  • Focus on the positive aspects of getting clean and sober.
  • Distance yourself from those who continue to use.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people.
  • Learn more about rehab centers and programs.

The process of moving beyond fear and addiction is not easy. It takes commitment and willingness to become drug free and combined with a supportive and understanding environment, the likelihood of overcoming these fears is dramatically increased.

Recovery From Addiction can be Accomplished

Addiction rehab doesn’t have to be frightening. With the help of the right professionals and staff that truly care about your success, recovery from addiction can be accomplished.

Our Professional Staff

Our Professional StaffHere, we strive to create the opportunity that will make your goal of a lifelong recovery as stress free as possible. We understand that the recovery journey can be an intense and demanding one to take. In order to help create an effective program that will lead to a permanent recovery, we have put together a knowledgeable and compassionate staff that comes from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring you to unique approaches to the addiction treatment programs that will provide a recovery base that will help you learn to take back control of your life by learning to take control of your recovery and addiction. Our professional staff of addiction counselors is here to guide you through your recovery journey.

Many of our counselors have been just where you are and have been through the program to find a successful future in sobriety. They use their experiences to help you in your fight to find peace in your life by overcoming addiction. They can empathize with you and can relate to everything that you will go through. This allows them to provide an insight into your recovery that others may not be able to give.

Our Treatment programs

For those that prefer a more faith-based program, we have counselors that have come from Christian faith-based treatment centers. We also have counselors that can bring their own brand of spirituality such as Buddhism or spiritual counselors, while others have come from 12-step programs.

Regardless of background, our trained, licensed, and certified staff of addiction counselors are here to provide every option for you to be able to take control of your recovery and find your own way. Learning and choosing your own brand of spirituality allows us to bring something unique to the table in the way of treatment programs.

Take That First Important Step

When you or your loved one is ready to take that all important first step toward recovery, please feel free to call us and speak with our addiction counselors. Our professional staff can help you understand how our unique approach to recovery can help to ensure the success of yours.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is multiple illnesses and or addictions in one individual at the same time.  They are having problems with a chemical dependency and an emotional illness,  affecting them physically, spiritually, and socially.  With dual diagnosis, the illnesses have their own symptoms that will interfere with the person’s functions and they won’t be able to relate well with others.  Individuals will have problems due to both illnesses interacting with each other.  Treatment can be difficult because the symptoms will overlap and cause it to mask one another.

Treatment Options

Dual Diagnosis TreatmentDual diagnosis treatments are difficult because an individual may try and recover from one and not the other.  If a mental illness is neglected then it can recur.  This will cause them to try and self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.  When individuals have a lack in their recovery,  it will cause them to feel alienation and failure, and their self-esteem is damaged.  Dual diagnosis does not have just a single type.  There are so many different types of psychiatric illnesses along with a number of alcohol and drug abuse patterns.  Problems that can occur due to dual diagnosis are:

  • Alcohol and drug use can cover up mental illness symptoms
  • Psychological symptoms can recur if the chemical dependency is not treated
  • Alcohol or drug relapse can happen if  the mental illness is not treated

Dual Diagnosis can Cause the Following:

  • Increase in Emergency room visits
  • Homelessness
  • Legal problems or jail time
  • Financial problems
  • Family problems
  • Work related or school problems
  • Having social or isolation withdrawals

There is hope if you have a dual diagnosis.  Getting the proper care and help will give the person more knowledge of how substance abuse can and will go hand-in-hand with other mental problems.

Addiction Treatment Professionals

Every addiction story is unique in its own right and so is every recovery story. Finding a treatment program and rehab facility that can provide a unique approach to effective addiction treatment can prove to be quite a challenge. Here, we not only provide a unique approach to addiction treatment, but we also provide a knowledgeable and empathetic staff that comes from a variety of backgrounds.

Professional Help You Take Control of Your Life

Our Professional StaffThe drug and alcohol treatment professionals here want to help you take control of your life and recovery to find your own way to a sober life. We want to ensure that you take every measure to not only confront the problem of addiction, but that you find a solution to make sure that it is no longer a problem.

As you go through your recovery, our treatment professionals help to guide you and give you the tools to help deal with your addiction and the behaviors that are associated with addiction. Learning how to deal with the people and situations that influence the addictive behaviors can help you learn to change your ways to find a positive lifestyle. As you are educated about your addiction and the behaviors that influence it, you can learn how to take control of potentially negative situations and people by applying the learned skills taught to you by our addiction staff.

Learning coping mechanisms and how to take responsibility for the choices that you make in life are huge steps towards a successful recovery. Recovering from years of addiction means relearning how to live your life in a drug and alcohol-free environment and dealing with situations in a responsible manner without the use of physical force.

We Care as Much About the Success of Your Recovery as You do

Our treatment professionals care as much about the success of your recovery as you do. We want to see you succeed and we are here to provide you with the tools to do so. Learning to manage all situations and issues can help you learn to better deal with life and its various problems. Relearning how to live your life without drugs and alcohol today can set you up for a successful and sober tomorrow, and that is what we are here to do. Start your recovery journey today and call us for more information about the treatment program that is right for you. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find your way to a sober future.

Drug Rehab Centers

Making the decision of what drug rehab center is right for your individual needs is one of the most important decisions that you will probably ever have to make. Let us help you with that decision of choosing the best drug rehab center with some  guidelines that you should consider.

Things to Consider

  • What is the success rate of the facility?
  • What is the cost of this treatment?
  • Is the facility properly licensed?

Help at Drug Rehab CentersThe first answer to the success rate of a facility is that most facilities have a success rate of around 20 percent, but some have been known to have success rates up to 75 percent. The success rate is partly due to the treatment that you receive, but mainly due to the individual and their determination to stay clean of their addiction.

The second answer to the cost of treatment is important only in the aspect of quality of service and performance. The cost of any drug rehab center’s treatment is going to be high due to the time you will be spending there and the staff  it takes to get you to a successful recovery. The cost of  treatment is nowhere near as high as the cost you have endured over the years with your addiction.

The third answer to the proper licensing of the facility is that all drug rehab centers are required to be licensed by a state governing agency. You have every right to see the license and verify their accreditation.

Programs Offered

Finding out about the programs would be the next decision in choosing a drug rehab center. Below you will find a list of programs offered by most drug rehab centers:

  • long-term residential treatment
  • inpatient treatment
  • detox program
  • addiction programs
  • specific drug rehabs
  • prescription drug rehabs
  • counseling therapy
  • group therapy
  • family therapy
  • relapse prevention

There are many different types of drug rehab centers from which to choose, but the final decision will be up to you and your support team of family and friends that are willing to help you through this difficult decision. Let us help you make that right decision today by calling one of our counselors and talking with them about your specific addiction.

Drug Treatment Centers

Drug treatment centers have many ways to treat addicts, but they all want to see the same effect, and that is for the addict to get the proper tools they need to live in the world without having to rely on drug substances to get by.  Effecting millions of people each year, drug addiction is at its highest.  Drug addiction is when a person is addicted to an illegal drug, prescription drugs, or even alcohol.  They need to find a drug treatment center that has an excellent program that can teach them to live a healthy and happy life without drugs or alcohol.

Help at Drug Treatment CentersFinding the right drug treatment center for yourself or a loved one is going to be the most difficult thing you have ever had to do in your lifetime.  Questions and answers need to be asked and answered before choosing a drug treatment center.  Drug treatment centers offer a number of different programs and some may have residential, inpatient, extended care, and short stay programs.  At treatment centers, there are therapists that specialize in drug addictions along with physicians and trained professionals.

Questions to Ask About the Treatment Center

The following are some questions that should be answered for the addict and their loved ones before deciding on a rehab treatment center:

  • What are the staff credentials?
  • What services will be covered by insurance?
  • What is the difference in their center compared to others?
  • What is the success rate at their center?
  • How much is family involved in the programs?
  • What gender do they treat?
  • How much does the drug treatment cost and what is extra?
  • How long does it take to go through the program?
  • How does the program work and how do they control withdrawals?

Make the Commitment to Sobriety

Addicts need to realize that going through a drug treatment center won’t give them the help they need overnight.  It is a process that is ongoing and must be continued for the rest of their life.  Choosing to live a sober and healthy lifestyle is very important.

Make the commitment to sobriety by calling today to find out how drug addiction treatment can help.

Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment CenterDrug Treatment is when a person receives help at a drug treatment center when they have a drug or alcohol abuse problem.  Centers and rehab programs are designed to offer the help and tools for an addict that is going through drug addiction.  Drug treatments help the person to get back their life and live a healthy and happy lifestyle and focus on healing the person, not only mentally but spiritually and physically so they can live a drug-free lifestyle.  The search for the right drug treatment that will fit your needs will be difficult and not the easiest thing you will ever have to do in your lifetime, but it is very important.  Finding out as much as you can about the drug treatment programs are crucial.

How Can We Help You

If you or a loved one need a drug treatment program or any other addiction treatment program, contact us and we will make sure we do all we can to get you back to that healthy life you have been dreaming about.  Drug treatments are very important tools and skills that are learned to help recover from the disease, but not cure it.  Remaining sober is left up to the individual.  Addicts will be taught to cope and manage their pressures, stress, disappointments and other feelings they are going to have after they are clean and not  resorting to drugs.  Lessons that are learned through drug treatments are needed to be used on a day to day basis.

Take the First Step to Recovery

In this day and time, the number of addicts that are going through a drug or alcohol addiction are high.   Drug treatment programs are designed to get addicts to understand they have a problem that is out of their control, and that  they need help.  The beginning of a drug treatment program is the most serious step for an addict to take, admitting that they have a drug problem.  We must continue to encourage them to get the help they need and so deserve.

Taking the first step can be scary, but it is well worth it to enjoy a life of sobriety and happiness.

Drug Rehab Information

Drug Rehab Information is the most important part of finding out everything you can for yourself or a loved one that is going through  drug abuse or addiction. Getting the right and useful information about a drug rehab center is crucial to making sure they get all the help that is possible.  Drug rehab is a treatment facility which cares  for those who have a dependency to street drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications.  The purpose of a drug rehab is to get the addict to discontinue the use of their drugs or alcohol.  The addict’s dependency has many stages it has to go through.  Depending on their drug of choice and the length of dependence will determine how long they will need to stay in a drug rehab center.

What Types of Treatment Are Available?

Getting Drug Rehab InformationThe most experienced doctors or counselors that specialize in addictions are the best to treat the addicts and come up with the program they need to treat their drug addiction.  Drug rehabs offer treatments in a variety of programs such as inpatient, short-stay, and residential options.  Inpatient treatments are held in a licensed facility and residential treatments have the same standards in medical care. Depending on the stage that the addict is in will determine the length they will have to stay and also how much it is going to cost the individual for their treatment.

What Is the Cost?

This is a hard and very difficult process to have to go through at a time like this, but it is very important to find out what is going to be included with the program and what will be extra.  Talking to an intake adviser can be a good choice of resources for the family.  Discussing insurance coverage and financial issues can help with the choices that are made for the treatment.  Finding out what the insurance company will cover and to see what is affordable to the patient is very crucial. Almost every rehab facility will make payment arrangements if the patient does not have insurance.

Long-Term Drug Rehab

Long-term drug rehab is when the addict spends a great amount of time in a facility to receive help with their drug addiction.  Normally, a long-term treatment will be received in a residential or inpatient facility.  When one enters a long-term drug rehab program, they have come to realize they need help and are ready to get it.  Long-term rehab treatments are received normally in a homelike setting and the client receives 24 hour supervision and care.

Seeking Long-Term Drug Rehab

Counseling is Vital Treatment During Long-Term Rehab

Long-term rehab treatments can last from 3 up to 12 months and are focused on getting the individual detoxed from drugs or alcohol.  After detox when all of the substance is out of the patient’s system, they will receive one-on-one counseling and group therapy.  Long-term rehab will focus on the development of the individual along with responsibility, accountability, and help get their  lives back to normal as they were before they had drug or alcohol addiction.  When an individual is in a long-term drug rehab program, they will be highly structured by activities to help with the  following:

  • Behavior patterns
  • More constructive ways to get along with others
  • Help with damaged beliefs and relationships
  • Self-concepts

Counseling and Therapy

When an individual goes through a long-term drug rehab, they learn ways of coping and living  a life without drugs being used as a crutch or to mask underlying problems.  They are given nourishing meals to restore their physical health. Usually when an individual has been addicted to drugs or alcohol, their physical health has suffered because of neglect.  This, along with their one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions will restore the patient’s self-confidence and well-being. Long-term rehabilitation centers offer other activities such as exercise rooms, yoga, meditation, and other groups to help the client learn activities and hobbies other than using drugs or alcohol to relieve stress.

Call Today to Learn More

It is very important to find out all of the details when trying to find the most suitable long-term rehab center.  To learn more about long-term drug rehab, please contact one of our highly qualified specialists today.