Heroin Detox and Rehab

Being one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, heroin addiction is very hard.  Heroin withdrawal symptoms will start after 12 hours of not using the drug and will peak after 2-4 days.  Some symptoms that an addict will notice are diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, abdominal pain, sweating, sneezing, sniffing, irritability, and weakness.  There have been improvements on the medical supervised heroin detox, but high dropout rates still exist today.  There is no proof that one heroin detox and rehabilitation is better than the other.  On average, a heroin addict will stop and start detox 10-20 times in their lifetime.

Heroin detox treatment and rehabilitation programs will encourage the addict to admit to their problems, seek medical help, and stay  focused on their goals.  There is no easy cure, nor is it a guarantee that a relapse will occur.  During heroin detox it is very important for the patient to be determined and also have the support from friends, family, and physicians so they will have a positive treatment.  Heroin detox can be a very hard process, both emotionally and physically.

Seeking Professional Treatment

Heroin Detox and RehabilitationIf you or a loved one are in need of a heroin detox and rehabilitation center, you need to check and find out as much as you can because they all are different.  You need one that will specialize in medical detox programs.  It should be medically monitored with a complete 24 hour nursing staff where they can dispense medications as needed by a physician that is trained in addiction medicine.

Another key is to get the best structure in a heroin detox program.  Some will attempt to do an outpatient detox program. While this will help some, most addicts will need the structure of an inpatient detox program so they can better deal with the cravings and keep them from being in their environment with old friends and the access to get opiates.

While an addict is involved in high risk activities, they are in constant danger of losing their lives.  They will undergo a comprehensive physical examination while  in heroin detox and rehabilitation to determine what physical aspects of treatment are necessary before undergoing counseling and treatment for addiction.

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The dangers of heroin addiction are numerous and the increased risks of detoxing alone are serious. This is why it is critical to seek professional inpatient help to ensure the safety and recovery of the individual.

To learn more, call today to speak to a professional who can help.

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine addiction detox can be a complicated process and needs to be supervised by a licensed professional to ensure the safety of the addict and anybody else that is involved.  After a cocaine addict has admitted to their problem, then the next step to recovery is cocaine detox.  Although cocaine addiction detox does not have to be performed at a medical facility, the resources that are provided for the addict are much better than those available at home or at a non-medical facility.

How Cocaine Detoxification Works?

Cocaine Detox TreatmentAlso, a cocaine detox specialist can give the addict some type of understanding about the process and what their options are once a person has been detoxed.  Cocaine addiction detox will first detox the physical part so the mind is more aware of what is going on for the remainder of the treatment.  The body is affected first so that’s why it should be addressed first during detox.

When cocaine is put into the body, a chemical reaction takes place in the user’s  bloodstream.  The drug has a mild effect to the person’s addiction at first, but overtime with the constant use of cocaine, the addiction becomes stronger. With this reason, the chemical and byproducts that the cocaine has produced in the addict’s body must be removed gently by a very careful detox process.

Seeking Professional Treatment

Cocaine addiction detox will make the client feel safer and less threatened when it is done in a very controlled environment.  Specialists have been trained so they can place care and comfort in the detox process.  When the physical part of cocaine addiction detox is completed the emotional aspect of the cocaine detox will begin.  One-on-one therapy and group counseling is a great way to overcome the emotional damage that cocaine abuse has caused in their life.  The patient will be slowly cleansed and rebuilt after the emotional phase of the cocaine detox.

Safe Medical Detox On-Site

Medical DetoxAs you begin your path toward a sober life, the search for a treatment program that is right for you and your addiction can be one of the hardest and most important decisions you will make. The type of treatment program that you choose can greatly affect the outcome of your recovery. Here, we want to give you every opportunity to reach your goal to a successful and lifelong recovery, and one of the ways that we help to do that is by providing safe medical detox on-site.

The Detox Process

While the traditional detox process can be effective, those that are suffering from a more severe and long-term addiction may need the assistance of a medical detox. On-site medical detox can allow for around the clock monitoring of the client so that the more dangerous and painful withdrawal symptoms can be medically treated. We are here to help ensure that the detoxification and recovery process is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Helping ease the discomfort and pain of withdrawals can help our clients successfully complete the recovery journey and go on to have a successful future.

Every rehab facility has their own ideas and opinions as to what works in the way of successful treatment and detoxification programs. There are various options for detoxification, and choosing one that suits the needs of your addiction can greatly affect the success of your recovery.

How Our Compassionate and Caring Staff Can Help

Overcoming and healing the damage wrought by years of addiction and abuse will take time. Our compassionate and caring staff is here to help guide your way and help you meet your goals to a lifetime of relief and freedom from addiction. The pain and suffering of addiction does not have to continue to be a way of life for anyone. Taking the first step and making the decision to get help for your addiction can lead to a successful future. Our knowledgeable and empathetic staff  is waiting to take your call and help you find your way back to a sober life.

Detox Process


Professional Treatment Provides Comfort Throughout the Detox Process

The detox,or detoxification, process is a very necessary, but very difficult process for a drug addict to go through. The detox process helps to rid the body from all toxins including the ones from the drug addict’s drug of choice. The detox process is a necessary step for the body to heal. Without going through this process, the addict will continue to have drug cravings, and during his or her rehab program he or she will not be able to focus on getting better. Instead, he or she will be concentrating on their drug cravings.

Professional Detox Treatment

The facility’s main goal is to help the patient recover completely from drug or alcohol addiction. If the patient only concentrates on their drug cravings, it is unlikely he or she will truly recover. The detox process is a very difficult process for the patient. They will go through withdrawal symptoms, but will be made as comfortable as possible. Many people choose not to go through the detox process because of the side effects of withdrawal.

If detox is attempted at  home alone, usually the addict returns to drug use because of these symptoms. This is why it should not be tried at home but in a detox facility where the patient is under close supervision and care of professionals. This ensures complete safety of the patient. It is very rare that anything goes wrong during the detox process but just in case, the medical professionals are there.

The First Step to Recovery

After the detox process has been completed, the client will then be ready to receive counseling and therapy for their addiction.  Now that the toxins have been removed from the system, the client can focus on their recovery and what they need to do to remain drug or alcohol free.

To learn more about a detox process that would benefit you or a loved one, contact one of our counselors today.

Drug Detox

Drug Detox TreatmentGetting rid of toxins in the body that come from the addict’s drug use is what drug detox is for.  Withdrawal from the drug is the first accomplishment in a drug detox program.  When the addicted person stops taking their drug of choice,  they will start having symptoms that causes them to  have physical withdrawal problems.  The amount of withdrawal symptoms depends on the type of drug and how often the drug of choice was used.

The Right Treatment

It is not rare to see addicts that have more than one addiction.  Most individuals will go into drug detox having a  problem with alcohol and drugs or even having prescription medication addiction to go along with it.  Any individual that has an addiction to drugs can and needs to enter a drug detox program.  Detox will help the unwanted symptoms of their drug withdrawals subside.  Depending on the individual and where they get help, a drug detox program can provide a guided structure for them to get through this step.  Providing the right treatment during the drug detox so the addict’s withdrawals will be as easy as possible is what most centers want to accomplish.

The Main Goal of Drug Detox

Having the proper therapy, counseling, and proven statistical track record are good things to look at when choosing  the right drug detox center.  This will help control the stress that you will typically get because you will be assured of this facility’s growing success rates at dealing with addiction.  Drug detox will get all of the drug residue out of the addict’s body.  This is a main goal that needs to be taken care of.  If the drug residue is not completely removed from the individual, it will cause problems for them later such as cravings and the need to get the drugs or alcohol.

A very important step in getting a drug detox, as well as getting the proper rehabilitation, is making sure the toxins are flushed out completely so the patient will never have those unwanted  temptations of the drug again. Once this has been done, the patient can concentrate on their counseling and therapy in order to help them lead a drug-free lifestyle.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox Treatment

Alcohol Detox is the First Step to Recovery

Alcohol detox is the first step in overcoming an addiction.  It is a pertinent step for the addict to be successful in rehabilitation.  Alcohol detox is like a drug detox and is usually handled in an inpatient medical facility.  Patients that have undergone several attempts at alcohol detox will have more severe withdrawal symptoms.  After several  attempts at quitting and starting back with heavy drinking, it makes it more difficult  for a  successful attempt at quitting.  This is why it is very important for detox to work on your first attempt at quitting. Most of the addicts will return home to old habits because of their daily environment and cravings.

Why Should You Seek Inpatient Alcohol Detox Treatment?

Seeking inpatient detox treatment is advised, because of the many health-concerns for those going through alcohol withdrawal. During alcohol detox seizures can be a big concern, but alcohol delirium is also a very significant concern.  Drinkers who consume large amounts of alcohol daily will face hallucinations that will cause a longer alcohol withdrawal process.  This can cause side effects such as medical conditions, liver damage, and poor immunity.  Going through  alcohol detox without being supervised by a medical team would be difficult because some very important needs of detox would be omitted, such as electrolytes and fluids. The process of giving fluids back to the body is important so that you won’t have sweats, diarrhea, and vomiting during detox.

Detox is the First Step to Recovery

Detox is the  first step to having a true recovery. But the ones that decide to detox their body and follow through the rest of the steps to recovery with living a healthy lifestyle will progress to a better life. Inpatient alcohol detox programs are focused on helping with the symptoms that an addict will get during withdrawal. Including seizures, tremors, anxiety, convulsions, depression, headaches, and sweats.  It is not  necessary for an addict to suffer while they go through alcohol detox.  The centers are well equipped to handle  problems in every situation.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Detox works on the body to get rid of the toxins that have been accumulated by drug abuse.  The first step is to discontinue the use of the drug.  Physical and behavioral withdrawal symptoms will follow after the discontinuation of the substance.  Symptoms will depend on the drugs that were used, as well as the frequency.  You will commonly see alcohol and cocaine or alcohol and prescription medication drug abuse in detox.  It is a process that will apply to anybody that has an addiction problem. Detox will help the symptoms of drug withdrawal to diminish.

Detox Treatment Options

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol DetoxMost drug and alcohol detox centers work in many different ways; this will depend on where you get treatment.  Drug detox facilities want to provide the best treatment so that the physical withdrawal can be avoided with the alcohol and other drugs.  Detox centers want to provide counseling and therapy along with detox to help with the distress that they might be going through as well.  Removal of all drug residuals is a big goal in the drug detox.  Without this done, the addict can have residues left in the body, and those residues can cause cravings after drug use has stopped.

Detox can be conducted on an outpatient or inpatient basis.  This is determined by the severity of the addiction and is done by a qualified physician.  Detox can be very dangerous and is best handled under medical supervision on an inpatient basis.  A sudden stop in drug  or alcohol use can cause dangerous symptoms.  It can get so bad that if it is improperly managed, it can be life threatening.

The Important of Seeking Professional Inpatient Treatment

Detox programs offer treatment that will help ease the cravings, counseling that can get to the root of the addiction and help with remaining sober after graduating the program.  Detox centers are designed to help the addict to recover from an addiction and establish and maintain a life without substance abuse controlling them.