Perceived Benefits of Drug Addiction

Perceived Benefits of Drug AddictionThe number one thing that affects drug addiction and drug use are:  perceived availability, perceived social approval, and perceived risk.

Perceived availability is associated with the approval of friends and the social scene , and when you are looking for that social approval and the drugs are readily available, that makes taking the drugs more acceptable and will likely lead to increased use. The more of a risk the drug is or the less a drug is accepted in the social scene, the less the drug will be used due to its perception.

It is common for drug users to ignore or discount the negative effects or consequences of drug use and many have the perception of control over such use. This lack of concern about the dangers of drug use translates to a lower motivation to seek treatment.

Reasons for Perceived Benefits of Drug Addiction

People who use drugs do so because they perceive the pleasure it will bring. Peer pressure plays a significant role in drug use by giving the perception that the drugs would make the user have a better time.

Some people believe drugs will make them more popular,  more active, or become better at sports. Some individuals are just curious and simply say, “one try at drugs won’t  make me addicted.”  Others want to fit in, and still others use drugs to help them to escape their depression and/or problems and think at the moment that drugs are the answer.

People that often self-medicate to relieve their anxiety or pain can become targets for drug pushers because they are easily manipulated.

When the effects of a drug wears down,  the problems and feelings come back and sometimes they come back stronger than they were in the beginning. Then, to fix the problem again they take more drugs to get the effects back and falsely resolve their problems again. Then a person is led to try even more drugs that are more and more dangerous.

Drugs Do Not Solve Problems

Drugs don’t solve problems. These perceived benefits of drug addiction can lead to a lifetime of negative consequences that can do serious damage to the body and brain, and can ruin every aspect of a person’s life.

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