Intervention Assistance

InterventionBecause addiction can take such a powerful hold on a person, there are times when the person suffering from addiction and abuse can not make the decision to get the help that they need on their own. No matter how much chaos and devastation addiction has brought into their life, choosing to confront their problem and get the help they need to conquer their addiction can be hard to do. As the friends and family of the addict continue to watch the downward spiral of their loved one, they feel completely helpless and at the mercy of the addiction. We can help you find a way to help your loved one get the help that they need with interventions.

An intervention  is used by the friends and family of an addict to help them confront their problem and to show them how it has impacted all of their lives. Denial is a huge part of addiction. No one wants to admit that they have lost control and have an addiction problem. They certainly do not want to admit or see how it affects everyone else that they love and care about. Staging an intervention is a way of making them see just how bad things have gotten and how their addiction is destroying their life and the lives of others.

Interventions work best when they are done at a major event in an addict’s life such as a spouse leaving, jail time, or after an overdose. This type of major life-changing event can make the addict more vulnerable and more willing to listen to what family and friends have to say. It is also important that the person be sober for their intervention as mood or mind altering substances can influence and cloud their perception of reality.

An Intervention Specialist Can Help

An intervention Specialist is not only there to help stage the intervention itself, but to also help moderate and facilitate the intervention. Our intervention specialists are knowledgeable and supportive. They can help keep the family and friends focused on getting their loved ones the help that they need, remembering that interventions are not staged to be hurtful or blame anyone for the devastation caused by addiction, but to get the addict to see that their loved ones are concerned and want to help them get help.

Because denial of an addiction problem can be so hard to overcome, loved ones should always be prepared that the addict may not be ready to accept treatment. In this case, loved ones should be ready to take the next step of letting go. Impressing upon the addict that no one will enable their addiction problem anymore and that their problem is not going to be their problem any longer is a necessary, but incredibly hard and painful thing to do. It is always important to not make any threats that you are not ready to carry out. The addict needs to know that their friends and family love them, but can not go on watching them destroy themselves.

Getting Help From Our Intervention Staff

Our intervention staff is supportive and caring and there to ensure that every step has been taken to help your loved one get the help that they so desperately need. The majority of interventions that are well planned are successful. Watching your loved one continue to hurt themselves can leave the friends and family feeling lost and hopeless and in need of intervention assistance. We are here to give you that hope back that maybe they can find themselves again and overcome their addiction problem. Remember that it is not always important how an addict gets help as long as they get it.

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