Effects of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse effects every part of a human beings body, mind and life.  People who use drugs will experience a wide variety of physical effects.  Cocaine effects have periods of fatigue, anxiety, depression.  Marijuana and alcohol will have effects on the motor control and are the reasons that many automobile accidents occur.  Marijuana users can experience flashbacks and unwanted drug effects weeks or even months after it is used.  With heroin the effects are muscle cramps, convulsions, delirium, and vomiting.  Also the effects of substance abuse is when needles are shared to inject drugs and will increase the risk of getting AIDS and or some type of hepatitis.

How Substance Abuse Affects the Person and Those Around Them

What are the Effects of Substance Abuse

The Effects of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is felt strongly in the home and work place.  The users need for the drugs put an effect on the mood and performance in the relationship.  It will disrupt the family’s life The addict will cover up their drug habit by denying there is a problem.  Effects on pregnant women that are drug users have a much higher rate of low birth-weight babies.  Drugs cross the placenta and the result is the babies will be addicted and will go through withdrawals soon after birth.

The effect of substance abuse in the work place is very costly.  This is because of the lost work time and inefficiency to do their jobs. They are more than likely to have accidents where it will endanger themselves and those that are around them.  Disrupting the neighborhoods with violence such as threats to residents, drug dealers, crimes of the addicts themselves.

In some neighborhoods the drug addict will recruit the younger kids to be the lookouts and their helpers because they will get lighter sentences that the adults would.  Also guns have become common to children and adolescents.  The worst effects of substance abuse is for the addict to become homeless or even die.  The majority of homeless people have drug and/or alcohol problems.

Getting Professional Help

If you or someone you love is suffering from a substance abuse problem or addiction, seek help as soon as possible to avoid serious and deadly consequences.

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